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When we start building a home or when we want to renovate the one we already have, we have to think very well about what materials we will use. First of all, we will consider the quality and reliability of the materials we use. If we want quality, the cost of materials will be a less important constant. Today I want to answer the question: why choose marble and granite at the expense of ceramic tile?

What is natural stone?

In terms of flooring material and even our yards, the natural stone category enters granite and marble.

What is granite?

It is a magma rock, formed in large, dense, heavy depths and a rich chemical composition. It is used for pavement streets, for railway embankments, for interior and exterior design (countertops, pavements, wells, etc.) and of course for sculptures.

What is marble?

It is a metamorphic rock based on calcium carbonate. It can be white, gray, gray, red or black. This variety of colors is due to impurities from iron, manganese, graphite, and others that squeeze it into the composition. It is used for the same purposes as granite.

What are ceramic tiles?

They are based on ceramic composition. This in turn is obtained by processing the clays. These two materials are used both in construction and pottery and for decoration with ceramic bases. They are more sensitive, thin and less denser than natural stone, which of course gives them less resistance and more expensive care.

Why is the natural stone stronger?

As I said above, natural stone, taken in its direct form from nature, is more dense and more resistant. This can be found in various shapes and in a pleasing chromatic variety that is easy to match with the rest of the decor. As proof of the natural stones' retention is their use not only in interior decorations, but also for the yard and garden. There are many people who prefer to cover their yard with natural stone for its strength and for the pleasant look. So, on the natural stone we can park the car, melt and run around, being resistant even at extreme temperatures or blows.

Unlike natural stone, ceramic tiles are extremely thin and fragile. They can only be used in interior decorations. They are found in a much larger variety than natural stone, but that is precisely because of the processing processes they are subjected to. It is difficult to put up and is even more difficult to maintain. It can stain very quickly and very easily and what is even more disadvantageous is that it can break very easily. We all can brake a piece of ceramic tile and it's almost impossible to replace it if you do not buy backboards from the start so the chances of finding a plate just like any other one are almost equal to 0. On the other hand, they can become a risk for us, and especially for our children. They can crack and cause serious injuries. In addition, they can not bear a heavy weight, so they can give up at any time.

Does the aspect matter?

Let's be honest, appearance is one of the most important components we take into consideration in the renovation or decoration process. The natural look makes granite or marble look much better and, why not, much better taste. A courtyard, a floor or a room where the natural stone dominates the setting is much more enjoyable. In addition, we avoid, as I said above, the situations in which the tile or tile breaks and their replacement can bring a colorless spot in the decor.

What's most important - the cost of time or reliability?

If we analyze the market in terms of costs that a square meter of natural stone requires versus a ceramic tile, we will be tempted to make the wrong choice. Although the price difference between natural stone and ceramic tiles is not so great, people who do not know or who are not aware of the importance of a quality product will be tempted to choose the cheapest to reduce initial costs. But what's better? Let's pay now and buy ceramic tiles and over 10 years spend the same money or even more to replace it. Or let's think about to buying natural stone and do not have to call for extra costs or for completing the broken pieces, or changing all boards? In this case, the importance is the simplicity, and the natural stone rises to the investment level.

Thanks to its strength, durability, light maintenance, luxurious and pleasant appearance the natural stone is well above ceramic tiles on a qualitative scale of construction materials. It is preferable to make a little more expensive, but efficient and long-term investment than a smaller initial investment, which needs to be constantly improved.



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