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We love to work with natural stone! That is why we provide the highest quality products and we work directly with careers from all over the world. Thus, we can offer you a wide range of materials with a wide range of colors at the most advantageous prices on the market. At DVK Granite we put customer satisfaction at the heart of our concerns.

Whether you are a distributor or end user, we can provide you with any requested quantity. For wholesale orders, the minimum order is one container. For retail, we can offer any quantity, within the available stock.

We sell various products such as:

  •  granite and marble blocks and boards 
  •  marble or granite plated bathroms and kitchens 
  •  stairways with uique models 
  •  sills of any size or thickness 
  •  fireplaces and fireplace masks 
  •  funeral crosses, designed by our arhitects 
  •  custom granite crosses 
  •  marble and granite plating 

Complete, customized services throughout your order's execution.

  •  Consultancy on choosing materials
  •  Execution and mounting
  •  Product shipping
  •  Maintenance and reconditioning  
D.V.K. Granite - Marble And Granite Factory
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