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Marble is a metamorphic rock, composed mostly of calcite and obtained by limestone metamorphosis. From the petrographic point of view, marbles are limestone or dolomites with well-developed calcite crystals due to the metamorphic processes they have undergone. The most common colors for marble are the following: white, dark-gray, gray, black and red, due generally to the impurities contained (red from iron salts, brown from Manganese, gray from Grafit etc), and the venulation is due numerous cracks subsequently filled with secondary calcite.

Marble is formed from limestone under the action of heat and pressure over years in the earth bark. These pressures or pressure forces cause the limestone to change its texture and appearance, a process called recrystallization. Fossilized materials in limestone, along with minerals, recrystallise and form large, coarse berries.

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