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Sandstone is a sedimentary rock made of sand, quartz and / or feldspar granules or organic matter. Among other things, it also contains cementing material. They form in layers, especially in environments with large amounts of sand, such as beaches, desserts, waterways and ditches. They can form wherever water is found.

The sandstone has typical features of a sedimentary rock. Unlike volcanic rocks, sedimentary rocks show stratification because of their mechanical properties. Natural sandstone tiles are a beautiful view of nature: Grand Canyon, Zion, Mesa Verde, etc. and offers visitor spectacular views. Oxides of iron, manganese and other impurities can give bright and contrasting colors to the tile. These colors give sandstone it's unique and desirable character. The colors range from luminous white, red, orange, and even green and purple. They are used for buildings, monuments, funeral stones, ornamental fountains and statues

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