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Travertine is a natural stone that today is very much used in interior and exterior arrangements. Why is the travertine so popular? Beyond the resistance, this stone almost immediately induces a sense of calm and relaxation in the environment where it is used. There is an extensive chromatic range, which starts from white, goes through dark or light cream, yellow and reaches up to orange-rusty.

The arrangements that use travertine provide a state of well-being and relaxation typical of the Mediterranean atmosphere. The diversity of travertine not only comes from colors and textures, but also from the way they have the surface processed.

Travertine is used for both horizontal and vertical plaques, finding it inside but also on the outside. The type of stone destined for each space depends on the design, but naturally there are also technical conditioning. I mean, we can not like a terrace or some outdoor ladders with glossy travertine for slipping, as we can not have a 1 cm thick travertine alley, because it's too thin and it's very easy to break it.

In addition, travertine can enjoy fireplaces, furniture elements; bath and kitchen countertops, stairs and countertops can be made. Practically, almost any place you can love with travertine if you choose the right product.

Resistance, diversity and versatility! These are the main defining features of the travertine, with which accessibility is equally important.

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